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How to Turn Your knowledge Into Money By Selling Informational Products Online

Imagine your life being more fulfilling and empowering if you could sell people your knowledge through informational products.  Yes, you have enough life experiences to make money.

You’ve probably seen it all before. You’re up late one night, wondering how you’re going to pay your mortgage and car note. You’re flipping channels and soon you see a guy in a flower shirt and shorts telling you about an “Explosive Opportunity” on his boat in the Bahamas. He says, “I was just like you, concerned about paying my bills until I decided to enroll in this program (Real Estate, Juicer, Nutritional Supplement)…and that changed my life.”

Unfortunately, what you don’t hear is how many people he has to beg, borrow and steal from to pursue his dreams. His success depends on others.

But selling informational products online is different.

Let’s say you’ve been told that you make the best chocolate cake. You never thought about making money from showing people how you do it. In fact, you never thought about showing people how to start a dessert business. Well, if you stopped for a minute to show people how to do any of these things, you could make extra money. And how much you earn is totally up to you.  Internet marketing allows you to do it now better than ever.

Whether it’s teaching others how to make a chocolate cake, flip a house, or write a digital book, knowing how to develop informational products is the way to go.


Because people are always looking  for information. Particularly information that is fresh, unique and breaks new ground.

I got into the information product business because I love packaging information and selling it over the Internet. I love the money, but I love being able to do it myself. Digital marketing allows you to do things that required massive shipments, people and money in the past.  The benefits I found include:

  • The joy and love of seeing somebody buy what you created
  • The opportunity to sell to 6 billion people across the globe
  • The only person you have to depend on is yourself
  • You create a product one time and its available online forever
  • You can do it on your computer any place in the world

Now you can learn how to create your own informational products in an upcoming teleseminar titled, “How to Turn Your Passion to Profits By Selling Informational Products Online.”

In this teleseminar, you will learn:

  • How to search for HOT and profitable topics that make you money online
  • How to maximize White Papers, Digital Books, Videos and Blogs
  • How to create an ecosystem that positions you as an expert within your industry
  • How to create a subscribers list that engages your current and future customers
  • How to use web marketing to showcase and sell your products


REGISTER NOW FOR THIS TELE-SEMINAR,  How to Turn Your knowledge Into Money By Selling Informational Products Online


*Bonus: You will receive a digital book entitled, “How to Use Content Marketing to Spread Your Word, Build Alliances and Attract Greater Income”  just for participating.

Date:  Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Time: 7:00pm-8:00(EST)


Enroll now: $14.97 ($69.95 after September 21, 2014)

Space is limited to the first 20 participants


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I’ll see you soon,

Edward Brown, M.S.


About your online facilitator:

Edward Brown, M.S., is a researcher, informational product developer and lead instructor for Core Edge Image & Charisma Institute.
He is an expert Informational Product Developer and Internet Marketer who has created an online digital empire by creating amazing products based on the simple research and development system you will learn.
Ed has advanced legal training from the University of Dayton School of Law and a master’s degree from Mercer University in  Leadership Development.
He is the author of over 30 books including: Power Moves for Those Who Want More Cash, Clout & Connections in Life  and How Attractive Are You? Reinventing Your Image, Power & Charisma  available now at Amazon Kindle.