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What are the advantages of Core Edge Tele-coaching?

A busy student often doesn’t have the time to leave his or her class during the day for self-development training. Coaching by phone or computer makes it possible. You can correspond from any location. Because of the ubiquity of cell phones and computers, you can be anywhere in the world and participate. In addition, some clients find that because telecommunications are anonymous, it is easier to disclose more than they would in person.

What is Tele-coaching?

A tele-coaching session consists of a 60-minute teleconference call via telephone or Skype with a Core Edge instructor. It’s an opportunity to ask questions about becoming more self-disciplined, self-confident or any subject that helps you succeed in college. 

If you’re close to graduating college, you might even want to discuss becoming more persuasive and influential, enhancing your image, positioning yourself within your industry, and a myriad of topics for becoming more confident, marketable, and successful.

How does it work?

After signing up, we’ll send you a notice by e-mail, indicating the date and time of your tele-coaching session based on your choosing. On the day of your tele-coaching session, you will be called at the designated time.

When is the tele-coaching available?

It’s up to you. We’re ready when you are…

How much does it cost?

Right now, you can have 60 minutes (1 session) of tele-coaching for $79.95 with a minimum of 10 sessions.

How do I get started?

To enroll, merely click here: CONTACT and we will follow up with you.