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Protecting Yourself From Social Dangers In College


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Author: Edward S. Brown, M.S.


PowerPoint Presentation with Audio
Start taking a more pragmatic look at college life by identifying the Predators, Opportunists and Followers on campus. Being able to spot these manipulators immediately will allow you to have a safer and enjoyable college experience.


Begin becoming more self-confident and self-aware as you meet new people at college. The ability to read people right away will be advantageous to you at college as well as the workforce.

FACT: Criminals rarely victimize individuals who exude confidence and strength.

Turn on the TV most nights and you will be overwhelmed by the countless stories of young women being sexually assaulted and young men being beaten and robbed on college campuses.

All too often, college provides a false sense of security because you believe most people are just like you. On the contrary, all college students aren’t created alike. By becoming more observant and knowledgeable about how to navigate around problematic people, you will create a safer environment for yourself as well as an enjoyable experience at college.

The learning objectives for Protecting Yourself From Social Dangers are:

  • Becoming aware of social dangers
  • Identifying the categories of socially dangerous people
  • What to look out for
  • How to protect yourself
  • Survival lessons for life

After this tutorial, you will become more sensitive and aware about the hidden social dangers of college life, which means you will become:

  • More self-confident
  • More alert and careful within your environment
  • More in control of the people you encounter
  • More focused on academics based on the private sanctuary you create


The minute you become in control of your environment and the people in it, that’s when you begin appreciating the values taught to you by your parents. All the times you may have thought you were being nagged makes sense now. The world can be a scary place, but with the right tools, you can master any situation. Stay in control and embrace the person you are becoming.