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How to Socialize Without Your Grades Suffering


Author: Edward S. Brown, M.S.


PowerPoint Presentation with Audio

Establishing effective boundaries between work and play are essential for college success. Many students fail in college because they lack the self-discipline to place academics at the center of all activities. By understanding how to create the ideal academic environment for college success, you can have fun and become more aware and in control over your plans for life.



Begin becoming more focused and self-disciplined by creating your best academic environment for working hard and playing reasonably. The game of life is based on choices. Choosing wrong could cause irreparable damage to your long-term goals.

FACT: According to the U.S. Dept. of Education, only 59% of entering freshmen graduate from college.

Would you believe that there are some full-time college students who have taken 8 years or more to get a four-year college degree? Yes, it’s true. Between academic probation, remedial courses and shortened course loads, they were finally able to graduate. And these are the lucky ones. Many students fail before their second year. Not because they aren’t smart enough. No, reasonable intelligence is all that is required to graduate from college. It’s the college lifestyle, when you are not self-disciplined, that gets you. Let’s face it, this is the first time in your life, no one is carting you to some event that is supposed to benefit you. You have the freedom to do whatever you like once you’re in college. However, this freedom is a double-edge sword. You can use it to succeed in life. Or you can become a “Social Butterfly” as you apply for re-admission into the college where you failed.  This is one of the social dangers you have to overcome in college.

The learning objectives for How to Socialize Without Your Grades Suffering are:

  • Why all fun centers around academics
  • The ideal allotment of time for school and play activities
  • A simple formula for calculating how much leisure time you have available
  • How excessive socializing increases college dropout rates
  • Setting personal boundaries and developing self-discipline for your safety and protection


After this tutorial, you will become more sensitive and aware about centering all your collegiate activities around academics, which means you can:


  • Demonstrate maturity in making critical academic decisions
  • Handle your newfound freedom responsibly
  • Graduate college within 4 years
  • Set yourself up for financial success in your chosen career


The minute you become in control of your environment and the people in it, that’s when you begin appreciating the values taught to you by your parents. All the times you may have thought you were being nagged makes sense now. The world can be a scary place, but with the right tools, you can master any situation. Stay in control and embrace the person you are becoming.