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How to Pick Your Ideal College Roommate


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Author: Edward S. Brown, M.S.


PowerPoint Presentation with Audio
Did you know that the wrong roommate could negatively impact your college experience? For your safety, comfort and peace, it is essential to know who you are roommating with before move-in day.


Begin choosing your ultimate academic experience by insuring that you have a roommate that shares your ethics and values. Or you will have wished you did.

FACT: The person who will have the greatest impact on your daily existence is your college roommate.

All too often, college provides a false sense of security because you believe most people are just like you. On the contrary, all college students aren’t created alike. By becoming more observant and knowledgeable about how to navigate around problematic people, you will create a safer environment for yourself as well as an enjoyable experience at college.

The learning objectives for How to Pick Your Ideal College Roommate are:

  • Why pre-selecting your roommate is important
  • Asking the right questions upfront
  • Conducting background checks
  • The impact of getting the wrong roommate
  • Ridding yourself of a disruptive roommate

After this tutorial, you will become more sensitive and aware about the process for insuring healthy, happy and productive people around you, which means that you will be:

  • Happier and more productive
  • Less stressed and uncomfortable within your living quarters
  • More focused and self-disciplined with academics based on the private sanctuary you create
  • Able to excel in college and graduate on time


The minute you become in control of your environment and the people in it, that’s when you begin appreciating the values taught to you by your parents. All the times you may have thought you were being nagged makes sense now. The world can be a scary place, but with the right tools, you can master any situation. Stay in control and embrace the person you are becoming.