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How to Live Comfortably on a College Budget



Author: Edward S. Brown, M.S.


PowerPoint Presentation with Audio

Not everyone has a financial adviser nor has had the time to delve into the details of a “How to Budget…” book. But, sometimes just learning the basics of spending and sticking to these basics are enough. Luckily, this tutorial provides some foundational principles as you make your money stretch in college.


Begin becoming more frugal and financially aware as you use your resources in college. Spending wisely is a necessary skill, not only in college, but also in life. Most millionaires are frugal and use money as a tool for creativity and freedom.

FACT: According to Dr. Thomas Stanley, author of “The Millionaire Next Door,” most millionaires don’t exhibit the flashiness and expensive tastes shown on TV.

Growing up, money wasn’t discussed around the dinner table. In fact, I never knew how much money my parents made nor how I would pay for college. It was during college when funds were limited that I learned how to survive on little money. This skill has served me well in life. The businesses I was able to “bootstrap,” came about because I didn’t have the money to start them. Fortunately, your creativity gives you the ability to do things with little money that many people spend a great deal on.

The learning objectives for How to Live Comfortably on a College Budget are:

  • Becoming aware of the philosophy of frugality
  • Making financial decisions between Fast Food vs. Cafeteria Food
  • Price shopping for college books
  • Choosing College Dorms vs. Private Residential Rooms
  • Celebrating academic success

After this tutorial, you will become more sensitive and aware about using money to create the ideal academic experience, which means you can:

  • Show your parents that you value their financial investment in you
  • Demonstrate maturity in making important financial  decisions
  • Enjoy college life by having the resources to do so
  • Begin wealth building strategies in creating your ideal life


The minute you become in control of your environment and the people in it, that’s when you begin appreciating the values taught to you by your parents. All the times you may have thought you were being nagged makes sense now. The world can be a scary place, but with the right tools, you can master any situation. Stay in control and embrace the person you are becoming.