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IBAR Critical Thinking Certification (TM)


In this skill-based certificate, students will develop and improve their ability to think critically, diagnose and analyze problems as well as recommend and apply practical solutions. This certificate allows students to have an advantage over other college and job applicants by demonstrating the problem solving skills most sought-after in colleges and the workforce. The IBAR Critical Thinking Method(TM) is a 3 in 1 system for improving critical thinking, research and writing skills.

About the Course

According to the St. Olaf Institutional Research & Evaluation website,

“Eighty one percent of employers say students should place more emphasis on

developing critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills; 63% say they should place more emphasis on developing quantitative reasoning skills.”   

In survey after survey, corporate managers complain about the lack of critical thinking, problem solving, communication and leadership skills exemplified by college graduates as well as new entrants into the workforce.

This new course will give you the opportunity to better understand the dynamics of critical thinking and to practice its strategies with real-life scenarios that affect you.

Core Edge Image & Charisma Institute, Inc. (Core Edge) provides the critical thinking skills that give students an advantage on college and job applications.  Core Edge developed the proprietary IBAR Critical Thinking Method(TM) founded on the critical thinking methods used in law schools and graduate school programs.

In the IBAR Critical Thinking Method(TM) class, you will learn…

  • How to think and write on a level that allows you to create scholarly research papers in college and professional environments.
  • How to enhance your resume by demonstrating a mastery of critical thinking skills.
  • How to make insightful and compelling arguments during employee meetings.
  • How to improve your productivity and creativity within corporations.
  • How to create professional opportunities that lead to long-term success.


 Course Syllabus

  • Session 1: What is critical thinking and its importance?
  • Session 2: Identifying basic research methods
  • Session 3: Diagnosing problems and issues
  • Session 4: Determining guiding benchmarks
  • Session 5: Application principles
  • Session 6: Developing recommendations and evaluations
  • Session 7: Practical exercise for certification


Student Prerequisite

There is no prerequisite to taking this course. Basic reading and writing skills are necessary.


Course Format

This class contains lectures and practical exercises as well as a pre-test and post-test assessment. A final critical thinking project entails the use of the principles outlined in the syllabus.

This is a basic, informal, but structured practical class. Lectures highlight important concepts, but the class is very much “hands on.” You will learn by doing.

About the Instructor

Independent Professional Certifying Committee (FAQs)


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